O. Sudhakar

8919174043, 89859 98278

Qualification : M.F.Sc, Ph.D

Specialization : Aquaculture, Aquaculture Engineering

Research Projects:
Sl. No. Title of Project   Funding Agency Duration From To No. of Personnel   Total Approved Cost (Lakhs)
1. Standardization of Lime doses in Shrimp Culture Ponds in Ratnagiri District. KKV, Dapoli 2001 to 2003 3 2.00
2. Selection of suitable sites for establishment of shrimp hatcheries on Konkan Coast KKV, Dapoli 2001 to 2003 3 3.00
3. Mussel Mariculture Project NATP 2000 to 2003 4 10.12  
4. Location specific Technology Refinement ITD-NATP 2003 to 2005 5 25.00
5. Development of Captive Brood-stock of the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii NFDB, Hyderbad 2011 to 2015 6 133.00
6. Network project on Mariculture ICAR 2015-2020 3 65.00
7. Standardization of Bio-security measures and ETS in L. vannamei culture RKVY 2015-2019            3 42.00
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  11. Thriveni K., Sudhakar O., K. Dhanapal and M. Raja Kumar (2018). Fish consumption practices In Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. International Journal of Agriculture Sciences, 10(6):5421-5423.
Got State Level Best Teacher Awards in 2015.
Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Tirupati
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