Dr. K.S. Krishna Prasad



Dr. K.S. Krishna Prasad achieved several awards and honors in his academic service. During early part of service he got a meritorious extension worker award in 1993 under meritorious teacher award of Acharya N.G. Ranga Agriculture university. As a team leader of KVK Amadalavalasa improved socio-economic development by conducting novel training programmes to the rural women and youth of Srikakulam district. The Quinguiral review committee of ICAR adjudged as the best KVK in A.P and INDIA. He worked for poor fishermen and developed green crab culture technology. He established Fishery polytechnic at remote place, Bhavadevarapalli as a founder principal. He developed the college as a model for the entire country. It is one of his great achievement which is not possible to anyone. He received several meritorious awards from government of A.P during 2012, 2014 and 2015. He brought the peace in the campus and restored the academic atmosphere at CFSC Muthukur as an associate Dean in the campus with unrest among the students and staff as well and conducted a Silver Jubilee celebrations. He conducted several International workshops and he called as a guest speaker in more than 23 training programmes in Central Institute of Fisheries Education, State Institution of Fisheries Technology, NABARD and farmer training centers. Not only this he developed hand book on scientific names in fisheries in telugu and polytechnic syllabus and also guided and evaluated several M. phil thesis. He has several numerous publications, Research papers, T.V and radio talks. Apart from all this He also worked with state department of fisheries. By all his achievements he received a prestigious “RITHU NESTHAM” award in scientific division from the hands of Honourable Vise President of INDIA Sri M.Venkayya Naidu garu on 3rd October 2017.