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Special NSS Camp at T. Kothapalem Village

The Post-Independence era was marked by an urge for introducing social service for students, both as a measure of educational reform and as a means to improve the quality of educated manpower. The university grants commission headed by Dr. Radhakrishnan recommended introduction of national service in the academic institutions  on a voluntary basis with a view to developing healthy contacts between the students and teachers on the hand and establishing a constructive linkage between the campus and the community on the other hand.

The idea was again considered by the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) at its meeting held in January, 1950. After examining the various aspects of the matter and in the light of experience of other countries in this field, the board of recommended that students should devote some time to manual work on a voluntary basis and that the teachers should also associate with them in such works.

In 1958, the then prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his letter to the Chief-Ministers mooted the idea of having social service as a pre-request for graduation. He further directed the ministry of education to formulate a suitable scheme for introduction of national service in to the academic institutions.

With the motto of NSS “Not Me But You” A NSS programme was organized at T.Kothapalem village of Nagayalanka Mandal. Krishna District. The village was selected for implementing the NSS activity. A seven days programme was scheduled in consultation with the sarpanch, village elders and head master of the primary school.

20.02.2018 : Inauguration of NSS special programme at T. Kothapalem village of Nagayalanka Mandal Krishna District. Sri Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao Fisheries Polytechnic Principal Flag offed the NSS voluntary at Bhavadevarapalli to T. Kothapalem village. NSS special camp Inauguration programme was organized at near Lord Anjeyanswami Temple. The MPTC Sri Gopal Krishna garu participated as chief guest, village Sarpanch Mendu Lakshaman Rao garu, school head master Navajeevan garu, the ex-sarpanch M. Udaya Bhaskar garu Bhavadevarapali and village elder’s were participated.

The principal Dr. K.S. Krishna Prasad garu explained the schedule works of the NSS special programme to be taken up at T. Kothapalem village.

Later the chief guest and other invites, village elders addressed the students regarding the community work and appreciated the students for conducting N.S.S special camp T.Kothapalem village. The students sung the special NSS songs and concluded with vote of thanks, NSS special claps.

After completion of inaguaration function the college principal and staff, school head master, village sarpanch discussed with the village elders and finalized the works to be taken up.

  1. Cleaning of village drinking water pond and conducted bench mark survey.
  2. Cleaning of village roads.
  3. Cleaning of Mandal Praja Parshat school premises.
  4. Conduct of health camp and awareness programme on health aspects by conducting meeting with villagers.
  5. Conduct of games and cultural events to the children’s.
  6. Conduct of rallies on anti-plastic and usage of toilets and also conduct the awareness programme to village women on hygiene.
  7. Create awareness on Swatch Bharat Programme.

20/02/2018:- The students were initially participated in inauguration function and later divided into 3 groups (1 group girls and 2 group’s boys).  All the girls were involved to collect the basic information of that villager’s and the 2 groups of boys started to clean the drinking water pond.

21/02/2018:-Drinking water pond cleaning continues and initially village roads cleaning were started

22/02/2018:-Pond cleaning completed and village roads from pond to main road were cleaned. Cutting the bushes and removing the plastic materials found on road sides.

23/02/2018:-Students cleaned the Mandal Praja Parshat school premises and conducted the awareness programme to the village women and children

24/02/2018:-Medical camp was organized with the help of college Doctor and distributed medicines and awareness programme also conducted on health and hygiene.A good number of villagers were participated.

25/02/2018:-Students conducted rally on Swatch Bharat, anti plastic and usage of toilets and also organized cultural events and games for village women and children


N.S.S Special Camp Valedictory Function

On 26th evening organized the valedictory function at the T.Kothapalem village, near to the lord Anjaneyaswami temple chief guest Sri. Mandali Venkata Ram garu (Raja) Avanigadda region youth leader, Nagayalanka MPTC sri. Gopal Krishna garu, village Sarpanch Mendu Lakshaman Rao garu and school head master Navajeevan garu were participated. The chief guest and other dignitaries appreciated the students for the good community work. The principal Sri Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao Fisheries Polytechnic, Bhavadevarapalli, thanked the villagers for their co-operation and congratulated the students for the good team work. The chief guest was distributed prizes to the school children’s.

*** Later the students share their experience and conclude N.S.S CAMP with NSS special songs and NSS claps.

*** The villagers distributed prizes (Stain less steel tiffin boxes) to N.S.S students in appreciation of the good community work rendered at T. Kothapalem Village during the N.S.S special camp.

During Cleaning
Pond After Cleaning
Collection Basic Information
Roads Cleaning
Road After Cleaning
Survey by Principal During NSS
Cleaning of School Premises
Medical Camp
Games And Cultural Activities Conducted
Valedictory Function
College Song by NSS Volunteers
Explaining The Highlights During NSS
Plantation on Pond Dyke by Chief Guest
Distribution of Prizes by Chief Guest
Best NSS Worker Certificates Distribution
On The Day of Valedictory Function