About Us

Brief history of the Research Station

The Fisheries Research Station earlier known as Department of Fishery Science was established by Acharya N.G Ranga Agricultural University (formerly APAU) in the year 1976 under the faculty of Veterinary Science. Later considering the potential of aquaculture and fishery in the coastal districts of the state, the Department of fishery science was shifted to Kakinada, a strategically important place where fresh water, brackish water and sea water resources are available. The department of Fishery Science was renamed as Fisheries Research Station, Kakinada in January 1981. Later, it was transferred to Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University.


  • To develop and propagate aquaculture in Andhra Pradesh.
  • To evolve scientific fish and shrimp culture techniques suitable to the local conditions.
  • To conduct research on seed production of brackish water fish and shell fish species.
  • To disseminate improved culture methods and seed production techniques for the benefit of fish & prawn farmers of the state.
  • To conduct studies on production trends in fish and socio-economic conditions of fishermen.


Brief report on work done since inception till last year:

  • Establishment of seed banks: Seed bank for brackish water finfish and shellfish varieties such as milk fish, sea bass (betki), are being maintained and farmers are being encouraged for establishing seed banks.
  • Studies on Nursery Management: Nursery management techniques to rear the fry (or) spawn of brackish water fish and shrimp up to juvenile stages such as pond preparation, stocking and post stocking management were developed to achieve better survival and quick growth
  • Monoculture of brackish water fishes: Monoculture of milk fish, Chanos chanos fertilization and feed were initiated
  • Mono and Bi culture of shrimps: Mixed culture of shrimps and fishes: Studies were first initiated on mixed culture of L. vannamei and Milk fish, Chanos chanos with fertilizers alone and using local feed
  • Polyculture of L.vannamei and Milkfish iChanos ehanos): Studies were carried out on survivality of L. vannamei in different salinities and was observed 2ppt as optimum where the. survivality rate was recorded of about 70 and less effect on growth rate was noticed