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Fisheries Research Station, Undi (Near Bhimavaram), West Godavari district was shifted from Kovvali, West Godavari district on 25.08.2001, along with staff and budget, as per ANGRAU proceedings No.23333/Res.V (3)/2001 Dt. 14.08.2001. Later 12.5 acres land was temporarily allotted in the “B” block under Survey No. 202/1, NRP Agraharam, Undi Vide Memo. No.19494/Res. V (3)/2002, Dt. 20.06.2002, ANGRAU, Hyderabad. At present permanent Office cum Laboratory building and fish farm have been established in this block.
4.0 acres of land which is exactly in front of the existing office building, with survey No. 102/1G is procured form State Agricultural Department for establishment of Aquatic Analysis Referral Laboratory and Farmers Training cum Dormitory on 03.03.2016.


  • Standardization of sustainable culture methodology of carps, striped catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) and other alternate species.
  • To study the nutrition, feed and feeding management practices of carps, striped catfish and alternate species.
  • To develop better management practices for the culture of carps, striped catfish and alternate species.
  • To study diseases and health management of carps, striped catfish and alternate species.
  • To conduct extension activities and produce extension literatures.


  • Standardized Indian major carp culture technology under semi-intensive culture systems.
  • Developed culture methodology of the striped catfish Pangasius hypophthalmus.
  • Standardized pond culture methodology of M. rosenbergii.
  • Successfully produced Macrognathus aculeatus seeds through induced breeding.
  • Treatment methods were established for various bacterial gill diseases.
  • Produced successfully freshwater pearls.
  • Establishment of Regional Brood Bank of Fresh water fishes