Games and Sports Equipment & Infrastructure available
Sports Complex: College of Veterinary Science, Tiruapti  & College of Dairy Technology   : 280 sq. m

NTR College of Veterinary Science, Gannavaram                                     : 6515.44sq.m

College of Veterinary Science, Proddutur                                                 : 588.08 sq.m

College of Fishery Science, Muthukur                                                      : 23700 Sq.m

1 Gym Multipurpose gym Equipment and General conditioning gym Equipment are available at College Pavilions and hostels
2 Volleyball Permanent Poles for two volleyball courts, Balls and Nets are available
3 Basketball Concrete Basketball Court, Balls and Nets are available
4 Shuttle Badminton 2 Soil courts, Yonex Shuttles and Racquets are available
5 Cricket One cricket pitch (Red soil), Cricket kit, Bats and Balls are available in all colleges
6 Tennicoit One outdoor court is available in all colleges
7 Ball badminton court One Permanent red soil court, Bats and Balls are available in all the colleges. However, at Tirupati one Indoor Ball Badminton Court is available and Second one is under Construction
8 400mts Running Track Track with Six lanes is available. Equipment regarding field and track events are also available in all colleges.

Sand pit for High jump and Long jump is available

9 Table tennis Board Available in all colleges
10 Chess Boards Available in all colleges
11 Carom Boards Available in all colleges
12 Swimming Poole Available in CFSc, Muthukur
Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Tirupati
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